Ciutadella and Menorca a perfect place for hiking

After the sultry summer, and when the tourist season has come to an end, the island of Menorca begins to show us other facets that make it even more interesting, if that is indeed possible. Swimming and bathing in cooling waters during the scorching summer months at the heavenly beaches gives way to pleasant walks along the different paths that the island offers us for hiking “Poc a Poc”, peacefully enjoying the “here and now”.

senderismo menorca Ciutadella

In both spring and autumn this corner of the Mediterranean, becomes a haven of peace that favours the quiet walk, by hiking along the coast with sea views. Other trails run through pine and holm oak forests or also the well-known wild olive tree groves.

The best known path is that of the Camí de Cavalls (Bridle Path) which circles the entire coastline of the island of Menorca

Cami de Cavalls

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